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Mindless Behavior’s Interview With

(Left to right: Roc Royal, Prodigy, Princeton and Ray Ray)

Crystal Annick: First of all, please introduce yourselves for those who are still unsure of whom The Mindless Behavior boys are.
Mindless Behavior: What’s up everyone my name is Princeton. Hey what’s up my name is Roc Royal. Hey what’s up it’s ya’ boy Ray Ray. Hello everybody my name is Prodigy.

How old are you all?
Princeton: I’m 13 years old.
Roc Royal: I’m also 13 years old.
Prodigy: I’m 14 years old.
Ray Ray: I am 14 as well.

What’s the story behind the name of the group? Where did “Mindless Behavior” originate?
Princeton: The group originated in Los Angeles when the head of our production company at Conjuction Entertainment, Walter Milsap discussed the idea about forming a boy band to Vincent Herbert at Streamline records.
Roc Royal: Part of our management team, Keisha Gamble and Walter Milsap came up with the name Mindless Behavior is. It’s a lifestyle that gives kids the freedom to express themselves. We consider ourselves Mindless because we’re expressing ourselves through our music, art, and fashion.
Princeton: Yes…and we’re starting this movement so that everyone can be apart of it. So if you’re not afraid to stand out and be different and follow your dreams, then you are MINDLESS!! :)

How did you all meet and form a group together?
Princeton: About 2 years ago when we were all 11 years old, part of our management, Walter Millsap and Keisha Gamble held a huge audition in Los Angeles, and it was like 500 kids there I was really nervous but excited. That’s where Roc R. and I met. A few weeks later after we found out we made it.
Prodigy: After being discovered by our choreographer Dave Scott on Youtube. We flew from Philadelphia to audition, then a week later Ray Ray auditioned at midnight. He made it. Once we were all together during our development Walter Millsap and our writer Goldie Hampton developed the sound for our music. Walter set up meetings with Vincent Herbert at Streamline and other labels to showcase us.  Vincent Herbert signed us to Streamline Records. Finally Kenneth Crear and Troy Carter joined our management team and here we are… :)

Well, let me congratulate you all individually on the success of your first single, “My Girl”. How did it feel to hear your song on the radio for the very first time?
Ray Ray: It was so amazing the first time we heard the song. We were at home jumping on the couches and screaming. We couldn’t believe it!!

What kinds of girls do you  boys actually like? Any celebrity crushes?
Ray Ray: I’d like a girl with a great personality and a girl who doesn’t need makeup to believe she’s pretty. My celebrity crush would be Willow Smith :)
Prodigy: A girl with her own sense of style and a girl with confidence. My celebrity crush would be KeKe Palmer.
Roc Royal: The kind of girl I like is a girl that is smart, with style and who’s confident. My celebrity crush is Imani Hakim.
Princeton: I like a girl who dares to be different with great style. We love Mindless girls!! :) My celebrity crush is Chanel Iman, and Selita Ebanks.

How was it shooting a music video? Was it what you all expected?
Roc Royal:
It was very fun shooting a music video, because we were able to perform on different sets they were really cool with lots of light and seeing our logo in the back really big was amazing. No it wasn’t what I expected it takes a lot longer to film a video than I thought.
Ray Ray: I thought shooting the video was really cool. We were able to perform with dancers and be very creative.

The music video shows some very impressive dance moves. Did you all grow up dancing as well as singing? Or was it something you had to take time out and learn?
Prodigy: I grew up dancing and I developed singing as I got older. My singing got better but I’m still learning.
Princeton: I grew up dancing. I’ve been dancing since I was two years old  I started taking vocal lessons at 11 and I’m still learning.
Ray Ray: I’ve been dancing and rapping since I was young but when I joined the group I learned a lot more.
Roc Royal: I’ve been singing for about four years and rapping, I really got into dancing when I joined the group.

When I first heard of you guys and seen the work that you all put out, I quickly thought of a new age B2K. Are their any past successful boy bands that inspire any of you?
Princeton: Yes I have been really inspired by the Jackson 5 and The Beatles. I grew up listening to all their songs and I love their styles.
Prodigy: New Edition inspires me because they started really young and they all had different personalities, and I like that about them.
Ray Ray: I am inspired by the Jackson 5 because I think they worked really hard and I want to be like that.
Roc Royal: The group that inspired me was B2K they were stars on stage I really loved the way they performed.

Who are some of your influences?
Prodigy: Hands down Michael Jackson. Usher, and Justin Timberlake also influence me.
Ray Ray: I’m a huge Drake fan so I’d say Drake, and Michael Jackson.
Roc Royal: My influences are Michael Jackson, and Diddy.
Princeton: For me Michael Jackson, Prince, John Lennon & Kanye West.

The outfits that you guys wear are always hot! Do you share your ideas with your Stylists or do you just wear whatever looks good at the moment?
Prodigy: We love to be very fashion forward and our co-manager Keisha styles us according to our individual personalities and we share cool things we like with her and she always takes it to the next level.

So you all are on the My World Tour with Justin Bieber?! How do you feel about that? How is it working with JB?
Ray Ray: Working with JB was great! He gave us good advice and it’s cool because he’s young too, and understands what were going through. He basically just told us to have fun and don’t be nervous which only made me more nervous… (laughs) But being on the tour has been a great experience and were really thankful to Scooter Braun and JB for giving us this huge opportunity. JB has incredible fans we have so much fun during the shows.

When can we expect an album and what can we expect to hear from it?
Princeton: You can expect a lot of fun dance records, talking about girls! :)  Just an album full of real things we’ve gone through with lots of energy. You could expect a release early this year.

Any artists out now that you’d like to work with in the future?
Roc Royal: I would like to work with Lil Twist
Princeton: Kanye West and Usher
Ray Ray: Drake
Prodigy: Usher and Willow Smith

The energy you boys give off while performing live is amazing. How do you each prepare for a big performance?
Princeton: I always eat light and drink plenty of water before a show. I get really nervous so I usually talk a lot too. But me and the other boys do what we call knockouts, which is 25 pushups and running in place for 30 seconds.
Roc Royal: I do knock outs with the boys and vocal warm-ups for my voice, and drink lots of water.
Ray Ray: We all put our hands together and shout MB for good luck, and go over the routines, and do knockouts with the guys.
Prodigy: After we do vocal warm-ups and knock outs I like to get in a corner where is nice and quiet and just focus on having a great show.

What’s the craziest experience you have had since becoming famous?
Princeton: I’d have to say the time when one of our fans brought scissors to the meet & greet and when I went to give her a hug she pulled them out and asked if she could have a lock of my hair.. (laughs) That was pretty crazy.
Roc Royal: Being recognized by a fan that was 53 years old. She was crying and everything I couldn’t believe it. I really liked talking to her…she was nice.
Prodigy: We were performing at a Middle school in Las Vegas and I jumped off stage to give a girl my bracelet and she grabbed my legs and I almost fell into the crowd.
Ray Ray: The very first big show we ever did was Pop Con in New York where we opened for Justin Bieber, and after we finished, we were so excited because the fans really liked us, on my way backstage a girl shouted ‘I love you Ray Ray’, so I turned around toward her and she scratched my lip and I was bleeding but still smiling. :) We love our fans they’re so MINdless!!!

How are you adjusting to your new life?
Princeton: We still get to do a lot of the same things other kids do but were excited about everything that’s happening for us and we have a great team around us so it helps with the changes.

What do your parents think of your success?
Ray Ray: Our parents are really excited and they love to see us having fun and being able to fulfill our dreams.

Okay, what about school? I’m pretty sure you all are home-schooled, but what’s your favorite subject?
Princeton: Yes were all home-schooled, and we do 3 hours of school with our tutor everyday and another 4 hours of studying and homework. My favorite subject is History.
Roc Royal: My favorite subject is Math and Literature.
Prodigy: I like Science.
Ray Ray: I love Math.

I see you all on Twitter a lot. Who’s the more frequent ‘tweeter’?
Ray Ray: Yes, we all love talking to the fans on Twitter. It’s hard to say who’s on more though. We usually all try to get on at some point during the day.

Okay…So, who’s the troublemaker in the group?? Spill the beans…
Prodigy: (laughs) That is definitely Ray Ray!! He’s always pulling pranks and cracking jokes.

When you all finally get some off time…what are you doing?
Prodigy: I love to go to the movies, hang out with my family and eat. (laughs) :)
Princeton: I love to read books, go shopping, and go to the movies.
Roc Royal: I love to play Madden 2011 on my PSP and I like to play outside, and look for animals, and ride my skateboard.
Ray Ray: I’m an artist so I love to spend hours drawing and listening to music, riding my skateboard and hangin’ out with the guys.

Favorite movie?
Roc Royal: BIG with Tom Hanks
Princeton: I love all the Tim Burton Movies but my favorite is Alice n’ Wonderland with Johnny Depp
Prodigy: Hansel and Gretel, and I-robot
Ray Ray: The Twilight Saga

Television show?
Ray Ray: Tom and Jerry
Princeton: Sonny with a Chance
Roc Royal: Sponge Bob
Prodigy: Max and Ruby

Video game?
Princeton: Epic Mickey and the Michael Jackson Experience
Roc Royal: Madden 2011
Prodigy: Madden 2011
Ray Ray: Madden2011

What keeps you motivated at such a young age?
Roc Royal: What keeps us motivated is we all really love doing this and each goal that we accomplish motivates us to continue to work harder.
Princeton: And were also having so much fun and the fans make it even better. We love our fans.

Where would you all like to be in 5 years? What do you see yourself doing?
Princeton: In 5 years we see ourselves still being together making great music as Mindless Behavior. We’d like to win all the awards, like Grammy’s, and VMA’s…J
Ray Ray: We’d also like to get into acting very soon, so hopefully in 5 years we’ll have a couple of movies under our belt.
Prodigy: I see us touring all over the world and giving the fans a great show.
Roc Royal: We’re also working on the Mindless behavior exclusive clothing line

Well, I thank you all for taking a few minutes to talk to me. What can your fans expect next from Mindless Behavior?
Princeton: Thank you Crystal this was fun! And all the Mindless Fans out there get ready for more tours, new music and videos and we’ll definitely be coming to a city near you so come out and hang with us 1-4-3 Keep it Mindless! And don’t forget to call your local radio stations and request our new single “ MY GIRL”! See ya’…PEACE :)!!!!!


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    I love these guys! I hope nothing comes between them! They deserve the best!

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    i thin k they are amazin and talented i want to sing but im shy but now i just want to be myself and show my talent hope i can work with them one day they seem cool .Im very mindless!!!

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    i love all of you but pleace stop telling who you have a crush on because it makes me really sad hope you get this 100%mindless

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    i`ve been a huge fan sense i heard you guys on bet i`m a big fan of prodigy he`s the best male singer i`ve heard in my life besides justun bieber and lil twist

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    June 14, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    Roc Royal chose the best show EVER!!!!!! Spongebob rulez!!!!!
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    I LOVE MB!!!!! I love all of them but i really love ray-ray & roc royal!!!

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    My step sister dominique said i can only love 1 but im like no if your a true mb fan then u would like all of them but she like’s roc royal!!!!

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    omg princeton i love you were both similarto each other. i love punk rock. my favorite color is green. iam not afraid to standout. iam mindless. i dont care what people say about me. I JUST SAY HATERS MAKE ME FAMOUS.princeton make me your number one girl. i was at the number one girl tour at july 15 2012. i miss you princeton and when are you guys coming back to VA 143 spread the peace. you know it’s your girl ayanna from VA

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    Question is prodigy really telling the truth when he says he like Max and Ruby cause thats for like 5yrs olds:x

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    I’m not gonna sit here and say that I love you all because I don’t know you but I will say that you guys are extremely cute and talented and you have inspired me so much. You four have taught me that I don’t have to care about what other people think about me, that I should just follow my dreams and never give up. Thanks guys.

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